Illustration created for Sala d'Estar gallery for the 2023 celebration of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal.
In 1974, Portugal was living in a state of hold, tied to an oppressive and anachronistic regime that had lasted for 48 years. But the dictatorship's hours were numbered. At 00:25 on April 25th, the radio gave voice to courage: 'Grândola, Vila Morena'. The revolution was under way, in a race against time that seemed endless. Then, at 17:45, the clock stopped. The deafening tick-tock was no longer heard. In the streets, there were finally songs of freedom.


Illustration: Salvador Pombo
Copywriting: Joana Cavaleiro
Media: Analog and Digital
Location: Sala d'Estar gallery - Lisbon
Dimensions: A3 | A4
Date: 2023

You can buy this artwork at Sala d'Estar
©  All rights belong to Salvador Pombo
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