BOLS - Spirit of Amsterdam
A playful illustrative style was developed to align with the Bols Genever communication (developed by Staat). Each visual illustration portrays the unique flavour characteristics of the Bols liqueur range centred around the iconic drink itself. 

This illustration had to reflect the values of the brand through specific iconography that relates to the craft and history of the brand itself, its relation with the city of Amsterdam and also hint flavour cues.  

The illustrations were developed at the same time of a photographic session of the several different custom made cocktails in order to achieve full integration.
Illustration: Salvador Pombo
Design director: Yente Jansen
Creative director: Alex Normaton
Copywriting: Kim McKlure
Client: Bols
Photography: Studio Aico
Agency: Design Bridge Amsterdam
Date: 2020
©  All rights belong to Bols | Design Bridge
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