TETRIXXX Amsterdam

Revised llustration proposal for a mural for Design Bridge Amsterdam office at Overtoom.

Do you know what’s the original meaning of ‘XXX’? I know what you’re probably thinking, and this may come as a surprise, but it’s actually been Amsterdam’s coat of arms… since the 13th century! Coincidence or not, it perfectly illustrates the city’s enduring spirit of tolerance and inclusivity.

In Amsterdam, everything and everyone seems to fit. The puzzle-like modular architecture merges with the mosaic of life. The old meets the new. History blends in with cultural vibrancy. As in a Tetris game, everything has its own place. And, after all, how much fun can order be? 
Illustration: Salvador Pombo
Media: Digital
Client: Design Bridge Amsterdam
Date: 2020
©  All rights belong to Salvador Pombo
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