Jack Daniel's Container Bar
The briefing consisted in developing a transportable and reusable real 40 feet cargo container that transforms into a bar for Jack Daniel’s. The process involved the development of the concept, the graphics, the design of the structure and 3D renders for client approval.
Transportation process
The structure needed to be transportable, easy assembled, and reusable for each event.

Inside experience
Setup in interior spaces. The space around is used for games and activities that engage consumers to immerse themselves in the brand experience.

Outside experience​​​​​​​
Setup in exterior spaces. In this kind of events the top of the container is used as a DJ booth to maximize the brand experience.
Design: Salvador Pombo
industrial Design: Anton Van Vuuren
Creative Director: Darien Harris
Client: Brown-Forman 
Agency: JansenHarris Dubai
Date: 2015
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