Animal Farming
Illustration created for a SUB Collective exhibition on ResVés Cowork Space in Lisbon, under the theme Tech-No-Logic 2.0, joining augmented reality and digital illustration.​​​​​​​

Hidden from public view, lies a vast industry shrouded in cruelty: the dark underbelly of animal farming. Behind closed doors, confined to cramped, filthy spaces, millions of animals endure unimaginable suffering, their lives reduced to mere commodities in a relentless pursuit of profit.
The disconnect between the living, breathing creatures and the neatly packaged products in our shopping carts is a proof of the industry’s power to shield its horrors.

Illustration: Salvador Pombo
Graphic Design: Alice Prestes
Motion Graphics: Miguel Baptista
Media: Analog and Digital
Dimensions: 60x90cm
Location: ResVés Cowork Space, Lisbon
Date: 2019
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