Less Bark More Bite

A collective exhibition where 15 artists were challenged to create artworks under the theme "Less Bark More Bite"

It all starts with a bark.
A shy yet unsettling bark.
Scared and trembling, caught in the middle of a thunderstorm.
Don’t dare to sleep on it.
Let it be loud. Let it be crippling.
Let it turn into total madness.
Let it consume your brain, eat your deepest thoughts.
Be brave. Let it bite you.

Illustration: Salvador Pombo
Copywriting: Joana Cavaleiro
Media: Digital
Dimensions: 500x700mm
Design: Alice Prestes
Agency: Nervo
Photography: Light Report Photography ​​​​​​​
Location: Musa, Lisbon
Date: 2019
©  All rights reserved
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