Siemens - Ingenuity for life center
The briefing consisted in developing an overall brand experience for Ingenuity for life center at Siemens’ regional HQ in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

The scope of work included the development of an illustration for a wall with 20m long and also create storyboards to allow the integration of projection mapping in order to tell a story.
A day in your life
A day in your life takes the audience on a journey of discovery through a combination of narrative, illustration and interactive projection mapping.
The projection mapping technology really enhances the understanding about Siemens different technologies through the addition of animation and sound, when specific triggers are touched.
Design | Illustration: Salvador Pombo | Lumkile Zitha
Creative Director: Darien Harris
Client: Siemens MENA
Agency: JansenHarris Dubai
Production: Remarkable
Digital Implementation: Engage
Date: 2016
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